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Gene LeBell

The Grappling Club Master

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The world’s first book on grappling with a club. Non-striking techniques.

1st Edition
ISBN: 0-9676543-0-0
For Both Novice and Expert

Pro Wrestling Finishing Holds

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Some of the best illegal holds in the world, including the LeBell Slap & Catch, and a grab bag of other material.

2nd Edition
ISBN: 0-9615126-0-1
The Only Authorized Autobiography

The Godfather of Grappling

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The only authorized autobiography of the grappling legend.

ISBN: 0-9676543-5-1
Gene LeBell's Grappling World

The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds

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The new expanded edition of this best-selling martial arts instructional book is a must for anyone interested in learning the techniques needed to become a successful grappler.

3rd Edition
ISBN: 0-9676543-1-9

Gokor Chivichyan & Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (Vintage VHS 2-Tape Set)

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Veteran world champions, Gokor Chivivhyan and Benny “The Jet” Uriquidez, take the beginning fighter step by step through fight tested techniques that any dedicated student can quickly master. VHS 2 tape set.