Gene LeBell

The Grappling Club Master (1st Edition)

ISBN: 0-9676543-0-0
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About This Product

Gene LeBell is the creator of this style of police baton (club) offense and defense. This style does NOT use striking techniques. This is the first complete book written using the baton as an aid to grappling. In this book, Gene LeBell teaches you how to use the baton as an extension of your arm. Gene LeBell’s students have field tested many of these techniques with great success in training schools around the world as well as on the street.

About the Author, “Judo” Gene Lebell

Wrestling has been in existence since the beginning of man, and the famed master of the sport is none other than “Judo” Gene LeBell, former World Professional Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and two time A.A.U. All Around Judo Champion. Read More


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